I eat and drink too. Duh!

I’m really sick of this down syndrome crap where people think that everything I do is super cute and amazing. Well…..It actually is, but not because I have down syndrome. I’m just all that and a bag of Cheetos. For those uneducated folks: Let me enlighten you.

November Pictures Justice 004Yes. I can feed myself with utensils, but I also like to pick food up with my hands. Before you judge my mess: I’m two and it’s frickin’ pasta, which is the equivalent of your ribs or sloppy joes. And the hand thing? My significantly older brother still eats pancakes with his hands. It’s called bad table manners, not a disability trait. Well….I do have my suspicions about him.

November Pictures Justice 027Okay. Now this is amazing. I must admit, most adults can’t balance their cups upside down with no hands. This is due to my “destined for greatness” chromosome.

November Pictures Justice 031See me feeding the dog? Yes, I know the difference between feeding the floor and feeding my pet. Crazy right??!! You should see the floor beneath my siblings after they eat something. Yucky!

November Pictures Justice 036Look at what I did here. I took my own bib off after I was done eating. Oooooooooo……….Ahhhhhhhhhh

November Pictures Justice 045And for the finale: I will take my bib and use it as a mask. Why? Because I can, I’m two-years-old and I have an imagination.

12 thoughts on “I eat and drink too. Duh!

  1. One of the cutest and koolest 2 year olds on the planet. Of course I’m kind of partial to our Ellee but, nothing makes me smile in the morning more than a pic or two of one of them. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to pick up the mess after either one of them have pasta. (Just one of the perks of being Aunty M)

    • Many thanks.
      I guess I need to raise him better than my other three since he has a disability. BUT….It could be a bonus for me. Instead of the truth (bad parenting)….They will think he can’t help whatever bad habits he has. That doesn’t help me with the others though.

  2. Being two sucks sometimes but then again
    just look at the mess that can be made, oh
    what fun 🙂

    I really like this one Lorre
    and what a beautiful child 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Thanks so much. I guess the holidays have wrapped up so I need to get back to some more of his misadventures. I hope 2013 has a lot of wonderful things ahead for you.

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