Not getting your way stinks! (PreK Day: 20)

I seriously didn’t wanna get out of bed today.

And I sure didn’t wanna go anywhere.

Mommy and Daddy made me go to school.

Day 20 Me and Cat

But…..Some really cool old dude came to my school and brought footballs. He had us practice throwing, catching and kicking. I caught the ball a lot, but I was grumpy, so I spent a lot of time hugging all the lady workers.

I’m no fool. (Just a regular dude.)

But…..I was still pretty grumpy when I got home. I just wanted to get on my tractor and be alone. Mommy wouldn’t let me drive it in the rain or off the porch steps.

Guys do dangerous stuff! I have guy urges.

I let her know what I thought of her decision.




Drinking and Driving: Uncool For All Ages

Let’s see what’s happening on Facebook tonight.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a cool place to go since everyone posts

their location so burglars can rob them while they’re out.

Okay…..So my drink should fit right here.

As long as it’s in the Sippy cup, I’m good.

What the hellicoptor!

Where did those other cars come from?

I better call for help or something.

I wonder if my daddy is up?

 24-hour tow my hiney!

I didn’t know I had to wait 24 hours.

I’m outta here.

Wait….This doesn’t seem right.

 I’ll just “drunk milk dialedl” my ex for the 50th time.

You’re locking me up for this.

It was skim milk! I have poor balance! Have you met my family??