What my mom thinks when she thinks of me and down syndrome.

Okay. My mom has taken over today and she said she might do that more often now.

I guess I need to let her. She is my mom and all.

But secretly I’m saying: “No you didn’t take over my blog!”




N-ever gives up









The prop? A ridiculously large Christmas pen.

So….I let my imagination run wild. What can this pen turn into for me? 

Justice the Kid 015

 I’m Merlin the Magician. 


Justice the Kid 018

I’m Cheech or Chong. I’m not sure which one.

Justice the Kid 019

Groucho Marx, ladies and gentlemen.

Justice the Kid 020

I’m a snake charmer.

Justice the Kid 022

Toothpick Time.

Justice the Kid 023

I’m singing to the world.

Justice the Kid 025

Okay dolls. It’s baby Richard Simmons. I FEEL LIKE DAAAAAAAAANCING!

I eat and drink too. Duh!

I’m really sick of this down syndrome crap where people think that everything I do is super cute and amazing. Well…..It actually is, but not because I have down syndrome. I’m just all that and a bag of Cheetos. For those uneducated folks: Let me enlighten you.

November Pictures Justice 004Yes. I can feed myself with utensils, but I also like to pick food up with my hands. Before you judge my mess: I’m two and it’s frickin’ pasta, which is the equivalent of your ribs or sloppy joes. And the hand thing? My significantly older brother still eats pancakes with his hands. It’s called bad table manners, not a disability trait. Well….I do have my suspicions about him.

November Pictures Justice 027Okay. Now this is amazing. I must admit, most adults can’t balance their cups upside down with no hands. This is due to my “destined for greatness” chromosome.

November Pictures Justice 031See me feeding the dog? Yes, I know the difference between feeding the floor and feeding my pet. Crazy right??!! You should see the floor beneath my siblings after they eat something. Yucky!

November Pictures Justice 036Look at what I did here. I took my own bib off after I was done eating. Oooooooooo……….Ahhhhhhhhhh

November Pictures Justice 045And for the finale: I will take my bib and use it as a mask. Why? Because I can, I’m two-years-old and I have an imagination.

Drinking and Driving: Uncool For All Ages

Let’s see what’s happening on Facebook tonight.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a cool place to go since everyone posts

their location so burglars can rob them while they’re out.

Okay…..So my drink should fit right here.

As long as it’s in the Sippy cup, I’m good.

What the hellicoptor!

Where did those other cars come from?

I better call for help or something.

I wonder if my daddy is up?

 24-hour tow my hiney!

I didn’t know I had to wait 24 hours.

I’m outta here.

Wait….This doesn’t seem right.

 I’ll just “drunk milk dialedl” my ex for the 50th time.

You’re locking me up for this.

It was skim milk! I have poor balance! Have you met my family??

Toothpaste anyone?

The mummy thing’s not working. Let’s see what’s up here.

Justice in Bathroom 002

Hmmmm? This is a strange looking sippy cup.

Justice in Bathroom 001

It looks safe enough.

Justice in Bathroom 003

Minty! It feels great on my gums too.

Justice in Bathroom 004

Oh….Hey mom. Just so you know. You suck as a babysitter.

Justice in Bathroom 006