Someone’s Getting Schooled! (Day: 1)

So my mommy has this idea about taking a picture of me every single day of my school life and posting it here. We’ll see if she can follow through.

If she does (pick one):

  • Sorry!
  • Glad you dig me.

If she doesn’t (pick one):

  • Lucky you.
  • I’ll send you a sympathy card.

My first day of preschool was yesterday. I missed the first week because I’m too cool for school and I wanted to be fashionably late. OR…..It was because I had my tonsils out and other stuff. I like the first reason better.

Justice 1st Day School

I have no clue my parents are getting ready to abandon me and leave me in the hands of total strangers. It’s just another photo op for me.

6 thoughts on “Someone’s Getting Schooled! (Day: 1)

  1. Ha! Parents are big on the passing-off-to-strangers. Tell me if any of these sound familiar:
    “It’s for you own good.”
    “You’ll thank me later.”
    “Keep it up and I won’t pick you up later.”

  2. Look at you with your grown up hair cut.
    That first day was probably easier for you than it was for your Mommy. She was probably watching around the corner.
    I look forward to seeing your smiling face in my mailbox each morning. It will be a wonderful way to start the day.
    I’ve never had my tonsils out. You are very brave.

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