Toothpaste anyone?

The mummy thing’s not working. Let’s see what’s up here.

Justice in Bathroom 002

Hmmmm? This is a strange looking sippy cup.

Justice in Bathroom 001

It looks safe enough.

Justice in Bathroom 003

Minty! It feels great on my gums too.

Justice in Bathroom 004

Oh….Hey mom. Just so you know. You suck as a babysitter.

Justice in Bathroom 006

8 thoughts on “Toothpaste anyone?

  1. Toilet paper is awesome fun.
    Some family members were putting a damper on my Swept From Under The Rug blog, so I need to keep those and add for a book of some sort.
    This is now for Justice and his world. I can’t figure out how to change the damn URL though. It’s still the original one. UGH!

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